CEO Message

Amir Dajani

Since its establishment in 2009, Amaar Group plays a leading role in creating an investment arm for the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) that serves one of the most promising sectors in Palestine; Real Estate Sector.  Amaar Group is committed to operating and developing a long term real estate sector pertaining to the Palestinian National Economy through planning and implementing pioneering projects that play a significant role in the contribution of a sustainable economic development in Palestine. 


Ladies and gentlemen;

Amaar Group’s strategy relies on achieving an actual balance between the local society’s demands for constructional and urban development through our culture and heritage to reinforce our national identity on one hand, and our aspirations towards globalization and keeping pace with the latest trends emerging in the real estate sector on the other hand. It is important to consider the challenges facing our economic environment, imposed by the Israeli occupation and the negative impacts it causes on different aspects of our lives including economic, societal and political. All these impacts are a real challenge that Amaar Group constantly faces, while planning and implementing real estate projects that attract foreign capital and investments to serve the national economy.  Despite all these challenges, Amaar Group was able to implement remarkable accomplishments, and overcame all obstacles and challenges imposed on it.


Amaar Group has managed a series of pioneering real estate projects that marked its capability and excellence in achieving one important equation that branches out into two important categories. The first is to achieve sophisticated standards of living, while the second focuses on building strategic partnerships, and attracting Arab and international investments at the same time.  Through its continuous success, Amaar Group has grown exponentially to be one of the most leading companies in the Palestinian Real Estate Sector, that attracts investors and provide a stimulus to the national economy.


Amaar Group has adopted the urban development strategy to achieve its vision and objectives.  It aims to provide investment diversity through multiple quantitative projects in the sectors of housing, commercial, and land development. In addition, it focuses on the geographical expansion in different areas and provinces of the country, and employment of local experts who are able to play a consulting and reference role for investors who search for promising investment opportunities in order to build and develop our independent state.


Amaar Group provides projects that depend on the horizontal real estate development, in order to provide and cover the growing housing needs, through the establishment of new urban communities with good housing environments that provide personal and public spaces for its residents. It also seeks to create new employment opportunities in these communities within constructional and service levels. Nonetheless, Amaar Group focuses on the demographics in proportion with the land area, and seeks to reduce the population in the areas and provinces with high population densities.


Among our main duties is to provide land at reasonable prices around urban development centers, with full facilitation of planning and infrastructure.  In addition, it aims to draw an urban framework, in partnership with the private sector and the investors of these lands.


For a better future to the next generations, Amaar Group will continue to grow and be at the forefront, of course through the trust of our society, partners and investors.



Amir Dajani