Residential Sector

Al-Reehan Neighborhood

Al- Reehan Neighborhood is one of the most well-known and iconic residential neighborhoods in Palestine. It is located north of Ramallah and is only 10 kilometers away from the city center. The neighborhood is within the Ramallah Municipality jurisdiction. The chic neighborhood was developed with the latest standards, international methods, and architectural planning in terms of design, implementation, infrastructure, and public utilities. Al-Reehan Neighborhood is considered a huge success in a number of different scopes; from construction...

Al- Jinan Neighborhood

Al -Jinan Neighborhood is located around Jenin forests that cover an area of 77 acres. The Neighborhood is 3 kilometers away from the east of the city center, and 5 kilometers away from the North West of the Arab American University.

The Executive Towers

The Executive Towers lay on the highest point to the west of Al-Reehan Neighborhood and overlooks northern Ramallah. The Towers are 50 meters away from the commercial center, 500 meters away from the Arab Istishari Hospital, and 700 meters away from Al-Reehan American School. The Executive Towers directly overlook the 25 donums archaeological park of Al -Reehan.