Land Development Sector

Moon City (Jericho)

In 2014, Amaar Group has started implementing the Moon City project in Jericho within the horizontal real estate development strategy. The project covers an area of 550 acres divided into parcels that can be used for commercial, residential and tourism projects. Moon City has a well-structured urban plan, accomplished infrastructural works and complete endorsed governmental procedures. The project was divided into land parcels, and each parcel has its land deed and confirmation statement to build all infrastructure services.

Birzeit Heights

Birzeit Heights include residential lands that cover about (600 to 800) square meters, with land deed given to beneficiaries, individuals and companies to build houses. In addition, the project includes integrated infrastructure services necessary for internal road networks, water and electricity networks, and integrated roadways between Palestinian cities.

Surda Hills

Surda hills are located in Surda, north of Ramallah, and are only two kilometers away from Al- Reehan Neighborhood – a Neighborhood that provide all necessary facilities and activities including public, health, sports, educational, entertainment and commercial facilities.

Al-Worood Neighborhood

Al-Worrod Neighborhood is strategically located near Al-Jinan Neighborhood in Jenin City. It is three kilometers away from the eastern side the city center and five kilometers away from the North West of the Arab American University.