Commercial Sector

 The Commercial Center / Al-Reehan

AL-Reehan commercial center in AL-Reehan neighborhood provides the residents of the neighborhood with all necessities since it contains playgrounds and gardens for children, a supermarket, a pharmacy, restaurants and modern cafes and many other commercial and leisure facilities that meet the needs for an urban lifestyle. Besides, it has become a point of attraction for investments in different areas.

Amaar Tower

Amaar tower is considered one of the most distinguished commercial towers in Palestine, particularly in Ramallah and Al-Bireh. It is a unique and important mark in the construction world and among commercial buildings that were built according to the highest universal standards, and its distinctive location in the heart of Ersal Center.

Ersal Center

Ersal Center is the top commercial complex in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, covering an area of 58 acres owned by Amaar Group. The Group has developed and provided the area with all integrated infrastructure services, urban planning, and landmarks. Financial, commercial and residential projects are ready to be carried out in this Center.