Al-Reehan Neighborhood

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Al- Reehan Neighborhood is one of the most important residential neighborhoods in Palestine, developed with the latest standards, international methods and architectural planning in terms of design, implementation, infrastructure and public utilities.  The accomplishments carried out at Al- Reehan Neighborhood have all become success stories that represent various fields, especially the planning of the neighborhood using the latest methods and the provision  of modern infrastructure services that serve the neighborhood and other nearby areas.  There are more than 250 residential units in the Neighborhood, and 95% of these residential units are already taken.  Nonetheless, the real success relies on the embodiment of Al -Reehan Neighborhood as a stimulus for the private sector, to attract investments in the region. 

Al- Reehan Neighborhood is a whole residential area that covers 250 acres, located in the north of Ramallah, and 10 kilometers away from the center of the city, compliant with the provisions and system of Ramallah Municipality.  
The construction process of Al-Reehan Neighborhood was completed through different stages. The first stage mainly focused on developing the main plan of the project by implementing infrastructure services for streets, electricity, water supply networks, sewerage network, construction of sidewalks and telecommunication and internet facilities.  The Neighborhood covers areas with 40 acres for 42 duplex-villas, 17 residential buildings and a commercial complex equipped with all necessary services and facilities that serve everyone at the Neighborhood.   This Neighborhood shaped the architectural and urban expansion in Ramallah, which attracts more investments at Al-Reehan Neighborhood.  The Arab Consultative Hospital – a hospital facilitated with the latest medical equipment in the country, and a school with international academic standards, are examples of these investments.

The second and third stage of developing Al -Reehan Neighborhood is represented through the strategic partnerships of Amaar Group. Different projects were developed through these partnerships, including a neighborhood for Jawwal employees, Al-Andolosi Neighborhood, Saraya Neighborhood, Al -Reehan American School and the Arab Consultative Hospital.